Why Jess Geneus is Better than Superheroines

I’m gonna get killed for this, but it’s okay. I want you all to know how amazing my girlfriend Jess is. I love superheroes, but despite how amazing superheroines are, I think that Jess is more amazing than all of them. For the sake of time and space, I’ll just focus on 3. Here we go…


  1. Supergirl

Jess, like Supergirl, has a wide range of abilities. She can sing(I mean, really SANG.), she can dance, she can preach, she writes short stories and poems, she’s a technological genius, she has a razor sharp memory and she’s crazy smart(I mean, 4.0-at-will-kind of smart), just to name a few.

However, she isn’t like Supergirl in one crucial way. While Supergirl was essentially made to create a female version of Superman, Jess is hopelessly, irredeemably and wonderfully unique. Despite how much people say we’re alike, she’s refreshingly different. From her taste in clothes, music and her random sense of humor, there’s no one like her.

2. Catwoman

My comic book friends would argue that Catwoman’s a villain and not a heroine, but she crosses the fence so much it’s hard to tell. And that’s the point.

Jess is a woman. And like most women, she loves change, changing her hair, her clothes, her makeup her shoes etc. at the drop of a hat. But, ironically, one thing that doesn’t change so much is her personality. She doesn’t have wild mood swings where she’s an innocent unicorn one second then a blood-sucking vampire the next. I’ve heard horror stories of women who are so bipolar that it drains the life out of me just hearing their boyfriends talk about it. Thankfully, Jess doesn’t flip flop the emotional fence like Catwomen do.

Catwoman is also notoriously risque(You know how tough it was finding a G-rated picture for this?) But Jess has the confidence, self-respect and creativity to be able to dress modestly while still looking cute.

Jess is also not materialistic. She loves nice things, but knows they’re not as important as a nice man(Did you see what I did there?). So while Catwoman is nothing but a gold digger trying to get inside a man’s pockets, Jess actually cares about people and wants them and not their things.

Also, Catwoman can’t hold onto a consistent relationship. But Jess actually has a man.

3, Wonder Woman

Like Wonder Woman, Jess is gorgeous. For any of you who’ve actually seen her, this goes without saying and would be what Haitians call a “pleyo-nas”(A Kreyol word for stating something that’s ridiculously obvious). From the dark chocolate skin to the cat eyes and good hair(yes, I said it), she’s dropdead gorgeous and I’d let her save my world any day. (I would attach pics, but I’m already going to be killed for this so you can feel free to browse her facebook album at your leisure.)

But Wonder Woman, as some of you might know, was sometimes shamelessly anti-male and walked around with a holier-than-anyone-with-testosterone attitude because she was from an island of super strong goddesses with no men in sight. She was actually written by a hyper-feminist who wanted to prove that women should rule the world.

Unlike Wonder Woman, Jess maintains a remarkably stable balance between being a strong black woman while loving, respecting and submitting to godly men. She lets her voice be heard and has strong stances on things, but is willing to listen, learn and even submit when she’s proven wrong. Her humility is one of my favorite qualities about her.

P.S. Another thing Jess and Wonder Woman have in common is that she’s dating Superman.(Wink, wink)

And that, my friends, is why Jess Geneus is the best superhero girlfriend ever.

But now I’ll probably need another superhero to come save me from the revenge that’s coming…

That’s all folks.


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